Slingerland "Avante" outfit

Sale en el catalogo de 73. 

Cascos de arce con aros de refuerzo.

Medidas 12*8, 13*9, 14*10, 16*16, 22*14

Cascos en perfecto estado y apagadores internos funcionales. Aros originales de laton en toms, alguno con algo de oxido.

 El 16 tiene una pequeña raja en el recubierto, casco perfecto.(Ver ultimas fotos)

Bateria SONOR modelo "Swinger" de los 70's, madera de haya (beech) 6 capas.
Medidas tradicionales: 
22x14, 12x8, 13x9, 16x16
Parches nuevos batidores tipo coated ambassador en los toms NO los de la fotos.
Color entre el blue oyster y el blue onix.
Todo original. Una gran bateria y en muy buen estado. Vintage puro

Bateria Ajax del 66, modelo "Staccato".
Cascos de haya con aros de refuerzo de haya, barnizados por dentro. Muy solidos.
Color "Burgundy ripple", las fotos no hacen justicia al color.
Medidas 20x14, 12x8, 14x14. Todo original y funcional.
Parches nuevos en toms batidores, los otros en perfecto estado

De los 60, color Blue Marine Pearl.
Cascos de abedul con aros de refuerzo de haya.
Medidas, 20x14, 12x8, 16x17? (Los toms son pre-internacionales, se pueden encontrar parches en Tam Tam Percusión o en cualquier tienda)
Todos los cascos con sordinas
(2 en el bombo)
Aros de fundición en toms. 
Goliat con 10 tensores por parche.
Muy buen estado.
Fotos con y sin flash, sin filtros.

Bateria STRATFORD BESSON, cascos AJAX, Made in England. Perfecta construcción, y sonido vintage 100%100.
Cascos de haya con aros de refuerzo de haya (beech).
Medidas, 20x12,12x8, 16x16 
Aros de fundición en toms.
Parches batidores nuevos, el frontal de bombo es piel.
La bate esta como nueva.

Bateria Rogers XP8 
Serie hecha entre el 78 y el 84

Cascos de arce (Mapel) 8 capas. 
Hechos por la casa Keller (Fabricaron para las grandes marcas americanas, lease Rogers,Ludwig o DW)

Medidas 12*8, 13*9, 16*16, 22*14
Parches batidores nuevos en todos los tambores, tambien en resonante bombo. Parches originales en resonantes de toms.
Aros de bombo nuevos (Gibraltar)

Perfecto estado estructural. 
Una pata de goliat a perdido el cromado.
Algunas partes del recubierto agrietadas( solo visibles de cerca) Se adjuntan fotos.

Una gran bateria.

Aqui os dejo un par de descripciones:


Starting in 1978, Rogers began offering drums with 8-ply shells without reinforcement rings (made by Keller Products, Inc. of Manchester, NH) for its XP-8 line. They marked the beginning of relatively heavy, thick "stadium" shells that favored attack and projection over midrange tonality. These drums were promoted as "the best Rogers drums ever made" and the XP-8 models lived up to that claim.


We are approaching the Chicago Drum Show date and I'm getting pretty excited about this great event. Although there are several good vintage and custom drum shows throughout the year in various places around the country, they pale in comparison to the "Big Show" held in May near Chicago Illinois. I have only been once, and did not have a booth, but this year I will be there with partner Jack Propps in booth 129 if God permits. Jack and I have been on the phone several times in the past few months getting all our plans together. I just know it will be awesome to see all those beautiful drums and people who share the love for vintage and custom drums that I enjoy so much. I want to invite you to come if it's possible and speak to me at our booth. I will have some of the drums you have read about in my articles there for sale. More information about the show can be found here in the magazine.

My featured drum set this month is a Rogers Big R Londoner 5 set from the 1980s. It has all maple 8 ply shells with clear interiors and no reinforcement rings. These drums were called XP-8 series because of the shells. I copied the following information from a Rogers discussion forum, "XP-8s have 8-ply rock maple shells and were made from 1979 up until the demise of Rogers in 1984. They're excellent quality and comparable to modern day DWs but can be had at a fraction of the cost. The Memriloc hardware is strong and sturdy and ensures that they'll set up exactly the same every time - a real time saver. These sets are battleship tough and built to last. XP-8s are some of the best drums Rogers ever produced."

Rogers produced a catalog in 1980 to introduce the XP-8 series with Craig Krampf wailing on anine piece XP-8 set. Craig said, "That shot was used throughout the whole campaign for the XP-8s and it was an incredible honor to be put on the cover of the catalog." I met Craig several years ago and remembered his being the "poster child" for the Rogers XP-8 drums. Craig is just an amazing drummer and has played with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Maybe he won't mind me saying he recently had some health issues but is on the road to a full recovery. 

The drum sizes in this set are: 24"X 14" bass drum, 16"X 16" floor tom, 13"X 9" and 12"X 8" mounted toms. The snare is a chrome 14"X 5" Dynasonic. The 24"X14" bass drum with this set was an option, but the common bass drum with this configuration would be a 22"X14". The wrap is called Blue Mist. Memoriloc hardware, beavertail lugs, and Big R Badges with serial numbers are all features of this beautiful set. They sound amazing, as one would expect, and Rogers drums lovers often say this series was as good or better than anything Rogers ever produce

Batería AUTOCRAT Series, fabricada en los 60's en Inglaterra por John Grey & Sons.

Cascos de haya (beech) en todos los cascos.
Medidas 20x12 (pre internacional)12x8, 16x18 + Caja de 14x4 (toms y caja medida estándar)

La caja necesita CAMBIO de sistema bordonero, NO FUNCIONA, pero la bateria esta para montar y tocar, en perfecto estado y con parches nuevos.
Bombo con parche de piel resonante y Evans de batidor en perfecto estado y con Falam.

Saque las sordinas del bombo, por eso los agujeros que veis, las sordinas las tengo y las doy con la batería.
Sordinas en toms en perfecto estado también.
Aros de fundición en toma y caja.

El bombo tiene 3 patas, dos en la parte donde se sostiene el tom y una en la otra parte.
El tom de 12" se sostiene en Rail consolette, original y en perfecto estado

Sonor Phonic modelo 100 aniversario 1875-1975
Cascos con 9 capas de haya (beech)
Medidas 13*9, 14*10, 16*16, 22*14
Sordinas en todos los toms.
Color azul electrico
Parches evans semi nuevos en los 3 toms y ambasador coated nuevos en resonantes (los de serie), goliat con parche ludwig tipo ambassador clear en resonante.
Parches de bombo originales en buen estado.
Una gran bateria, de colección y todoterreno preparada para usar.